YOU are invited to the Tzofiem opening year event, that will take place at the 17/9 between 16:00 to 18:00!

there will be childhood games, food, pictures will be taken, irsaeli music– and much much more!
the new shinshiniot are there and are excited to meet you!
see you then!פלייר הפניניג מתוקן

On Sunday 12.3.17 we held a Purim Fair. Everyone arrived to celebrate in fancy dress costumes.
We managed various stands offering different activities for the diverse age groups.
The young youth leaders managed the stands.
In addition we had a cake competition, held an interesting quiz on the subject of Purim and gave away lots of prizes.
Our family has grown and we are pleased to say that 200 people took part in our Purim fair.
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On Sunday 12.2.17 we had a Tu B’ishvat programme and Snow program! Unbelievable!
We started with a snowball fight and then had a snowman making competition. Afterwards we had a Tu B’ishvat  program and finished off with hot chocolate, marshmellows and biscuits!
It was all great fun!
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On Sunday 22.1.2017, 
while the children were in their programmes, 
the parents held a meeting. 
The Regulations of the Shevet, were discussed, as well as its history, the building, the content of the programmes, 
Plans for the future and discussion on what was in the past.
In addition the budget and parental involvement was also discussed. 
During the meeting the parents expressed that they would like to take a more active part in the Shevet.
Thank you very much to all who took part.

On Monday 26.12.16 we invited the families of Shevet Shav… to our flat (communa) in Amstelveen. During the evening we lit Chanukah candles, we sang Chanukah songs and ate the food that we all prepared. It was a fun evening. Thank you to everyone who came!
Happy holidays and chat semayach !

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