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On Monday 26.12.16 we invited the families of Shevet Shav… to our flat (communa) in Amstelveen. During the evening we lit Chanukah candles, we sang Chanukah songs and ate the food that we all prepared. It was a fun evening. Thank you to everyone who came! Happy holidays and chat semayach !

On Sunday 18/12/16 we held a great Chanukah event! We started the event with programs on the subject of heroes and the subject of the different types of heroes. Afterwards all the scouts went to the local trampoline park where we all jumped on trampolines and had lots of fun! To our surprise it was arranged …

ביום ראשון ה-9.10 יצאנו יחד לטיול משפחות! 🙂 במסגרת הטיול, טיילנו בין שטחים חקלאיים בעלי נוף מרהיב, השתתפנו בקטיף תפוחים ועברנו פעילויות מגבשות ומעשירות בנושא חגי תשרי. בסוף הטיול, כל משפחה קיבלה שי לחג- עוגה וצנצנת דבש!    

The moment we’ve all been waiting for all year has finally arrived! Summer Camp 2016 It all kicks off on the 1-3.7 with hikes, crazy activities, exciting attractions and tasty food. There’s not a chance you can miss it…